10 Reasons why people engage in a Buyer’s Agent

10 Reasons why people engage in a Buyer’s Agent

1. Time Poor

Are you a busy professional? Do you have a family to look after? Have you found yourself saying “I don’t have enough time”. “I’ve got so much to do”. Between a full-time job, a family, and trying to have a life, you may just not find enough hours in the day. You may think this isn’t you, but ask yourself the question, how many properties do you do a full in-depth analysis on a week? A BA will go through hundreds. If this is you, then a BA will be of great value to you. 2. Frustrated with dealing with real estate agent.

2. Frustrated with dealing with Real Estate Agents

“Why won’t they just tell us the price?” “Are they playing games with me?” “Is there really someone else interested in this property?” Found yourself asking these questions? A BA has built connections with real estate agents and they speak the same language. If you are frustrated by the process or dealing with agents, then a BA will be of great help.

3.Sick off missing out on property

You’ve spent a month worth of weekends at open homes, put an offer on multiple properties and they just always go past your budget! If this sounds like your situation, a BA will be able to help. A BA will perform an in-depth data analysis and market research which helps narrowing down options for your budget. A BA’s relationships with real estate agents also help to get the deals done.

4.Over the process

Purchasing real estate can be a stressful, long and tiring process and not to mention, emotionally draining. Perhaps you’ve tried before and have been unsuccessful, or you are a seasoned investor but are just over the process. If this is you, a BA can help.

5.Overseas/ Interstate

Do you live overseas, or perhaps you live in another state that you wish to buy in? Many BA’s are borderless and search the entire country on your behalf, ensuring that the best property for your needs can be sourced.

6.Concerned that you aren’t getting access to all property

Off market property is a real thing, and unless you have connections with agents, unfortunately you won’t get access to them. Sometimes off market property can present a great deal for your situation. BA’s are continuously aiming to work with agents all across the country to ensure that they are presented with these opportunities on your behalf.

7.First Home Buyer

Are you a first home buyer? Are you confused about the entire process? Don’t be disheartened. It can be a long, tricky process and sometimes you just need a helping hand. Great BA’s love to educate and inform so you are never left in the dark. First home buyers can find a BA incredibly helpful, not only for the purchase but also for their understanding.

8. Acknowledge and appreciate the industry experts.

Perhaps you don’t fit in any of the above categories, but you simply acknowledge and appreciate that industry experts will be able to help you purchase property. Would you sell your own home? Would you seek a pharmacist’s advice before using new medication? Would you fix your own car engine? If your answers to these questions are the same as ours, then we know you would want an industry expert to help you purchase your home. Why? Simply because they do this all the time, they know what to look for, what to look out for, they have the connections, and they want to help.

9. The Downsizers

The Downsizers are an asset-rich, experienced group. They are often in transition to retirement and have already reached their property goals and have established their family.

10. The Relocators

Ever moved to a new city only to be hit with an overwhelming feeling of being out of place and lost. Moving is already daunting with out the added pressure of navigating the ins and outs of the local property Market. This is where a experienced local Buyers Agent can allow you to feel at ease. A trusted Buyers Agent with local insights will allow you to feel comfortable that you are making smart property decisions in their new home city.

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